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Hello Cheryl,

We met at the Bloggers event and I bought the Happy Baby Bottom , Rest and repair, and Skin soother as well ( the day after J)

I was a little confused about what cream to apply for my two daughters Margot 5yo and Camille 2 ½ yo. They both have dry skin and sometimes there are some areas where there is eczema.

So I applied morning and evening after shower the Skin soother on the eczema area, and the Rest and repair all over the body , especially legs and tummy . I haven’t use yet the Happy Baby bottom, maybe when the skin is better for a daily use. What do you suggest and recommend for all these creams”? Anyway, I can tell that I see the difference already , the skin for both of them is getting better, it is softer. And I love it. V.

Also I would like to add that I have been using for 5 days now the Skin Soother on excema spot ( behind the knees especially and belly) and Rest and Repair on my daughters’s body , and now it is all GONE. I am very happy ! thank you very much! And I love the Calendula and Lavender smell ! The skin is very soft!!

TRUE STORY: I have used a prescription cream for years on a recurring rash, but it never really completely goes away. I decided to try one of her creams ( skin soother) just because it was handy. To my amazement the next day the rash was some better, by the end of day two completely gone!! The rash has never come back as bad and as soon as I use this cream it goes away again. ☺ I don’t claim it will do that for everyone but sure worth a try . – WH

Hey HealingHaus!

I LOVE your hand cream! This winter my hands have been particularly dry and even some eczema (I think pregnancy related) and I have noticed a HUGE difference since using your cream morning and night. I forgot to a couple days in a row and realized my hands were all cracked, and then I remembered that I hadn’t been using your cream.

Thanks again! Good luck with the business!:)
– Ann

I purchased HealingHaus’s Rejuvenate body butter over the Christmas holidays and couldn’t wait to get a refill come the new year. I’ve used a lot of natural creams and this one just works so well. I only need to apply it once a day and can really feel a difference after using it for 2 weeks. Thanks Cheryl! Love the discount for refilling old containers too. – MD

HealingHaus.ca body butter is incredible! I used it for my face and body on a long ski trip and it kept my skin soft and breakout-free. It’s nice to know it is all-natural too! – Victoria

I love finding new products that feel great, smell great and are free of the harmful additives and preservatives often found in store bought items. I love my new Jasmine, Lavender, Geranium body butter, I will be back for more. – RU

I absolutely LOVE her happy baby bottom cream! If my baby starts with a diaper rash it clears up in hours. If it’s a bad teething rash, it’s gone after an over night treatment! I also use it for my baby’s cheeks when they start to get chapped from the cold and it works to clear it up and prevent it from coming back as long as I apply it regular – Andrea

Rejuvenate Jasmine, Lavender, Geranium body butter is such a treat to use. The scent is great and it leaves my skin feeling great after the beating it gets from the winter weather. Looking forward to trying more!:) – VVL