100 canadian 100 natural 100 handmade

Our handmade products are made with love for you and your family. All products are organic, and locally sourced when possible. Our beeswax comes from the busy bees at the Arboretum in Guelph, Ontario!

We use minimal ingredients and high quality ingredients to care for your skin, it is the largest organ in your body after all!

Each product has been created by our Naturopathic Skin Expert, Cheryl Karthaus. Feedback from our clients continues to show these products improve the quality of not only their skin, but their lives! We are always developing new products to make a difference to your skin and in your life. If you have a particular condition with which you would like support, don’t hesitate to contact us and see how we can help. We may just have a perfect product in the making for you!

These products were inspired by an international health care project. If you’d like to know more, check it out here!

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A baby’s bottom can often get sore and raw. This natural, organic cream uses premium ingredients to keep your baby’s skin healthy and pure. Designed with aloe, lavender, and calendula to calm irritated skin, speed healing, and act as an anti-bacterial protection to keep your baby’s bottom happy. Try it on any rash, redness, or sore skin and speed healing!





Muscle rub skin therapy is a unique blend of cayenne and analgesic essential oils to soothe those achy, sore muscles and joints. It helps decrease pain due to arthritis or speed recovery after a hard day’s work. The therapeutic dose of cayenne increases circulation to bring nourishment to your muscles and joints.





Rejuvenate is a soothing skin therapy made with relaxing yet invigorating essential oils. This bouquet of aroma therapy supports a happy outlook on life, helps reduce anxiety and gets you ready for any kind of day! Apply this hydrating lotion to your hands, body, & face, take a few deep breaths and become invigorated! You’ll be prepared for anything that comes your way!





Refresh is made with uplifting, anti-anxiety essential oils. This unique citrus and bergamot blend uses oils proven to have calming effects before a stressful event and improves your performance. Smooth this natural skin therapy on your hands, face and body prior to that big interview, presentation, or nerve-racking surgery; take a few deep breaths and allow your body to refresh!





R&R is an essential component in any medicine cabinet. This soothing, re-hydrating lotion helps to calm angry sun burns, heal cracked, raw skin. The aloe and calendula combination is designed to give your skin what it needs to repair. This is an excellent skin therapy from a child’s ‘ouchies’ to an adult’s dry, irritated skin.




Skin 101 is made for those who are sensitive to even the gentlest essential oils. The soothing, re-hydrating actions of aloe and olive oil in this cream are best used as a daily moisturizer. The beeswax and coconut oil protect the skin providing a natural barrier to the drying-elements you encounter every day. Your skin will feel softer with a youthful glow!






Skin Soother was developed for that pesky rash, or dry irritated eczema. Apply generously to affected area, get a goodnights rest and watch your skin transform to its healthy self!