Cool Canadian Brands Event – Pure and Simple

  Wow that was a blast! Pure & Simple is a revolutionary spa! They have locations in Toronto and Waterloo. They have a new line Holistic Vanity created by my Naturopathic colleague who is finishing her last years of study. They have… Continue Reading →

Ambrosia food of the Gods…causer of allergies!

The word “ambrosia” is somewhat common and many people have heard of it. Ambrosis is referred to as ‘food of the God’s’ . “In Greek mythology, ambrosia was considered the food or drink of the Olympian gods, and it was… Continue Reading →

Chamomile…highly underrated!

A scientific study with promising outcomes showed a chamomile cream was shown to be  as effective as hydrocortisone and superior to 2 other treatments (Mahandy et al., 2001). There was no statistical analysis done in this study which is a… Continue Reading →

Bergamot essential oil – one of my favourites!

A beautiful citrus scent! Recent research has shown that bergamot is beneficial in reducing anxious feelings before a big event (like a job interview, big presentation, meeting with the boss or even surgery). Bergamot acts to balance emotions by working… Continue Reading →

Lavender – safe in pregnancy! De-stress, reduce anxiety and depression!

A very interesting article written by one of North America’s leading doctors in fertility. Dr.Tori Hudson describes gold-standard research that further confirms the benefits of lavender creams. Specifically in pregnancy, women who use a cream with lavender essential oils on… Continue Reading →

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