Wow that was a blast!

Pure & Simple is a revolutionary spa! They have locations in Toronto and Waterloo. They have a new line Holistic Vanity created by my Naturopathic colleague who is finishing her last years of study. They have a pretty neat system, they’ll sit with you and make an individualized session for you. Together you get a better understanding of your skin type and how best to care for it. They have a huge line of products and are able to really individualize your facial, massage, or your chosen spa delight!

They’re an amazing company and put forth a huge effort this summer to help sell and promote Canadian Brands! Naturopathic Therapy was one of the lucky on their list! Pretty cool that they sought us out and asked us to join their awesome event.

I had a lot of pop up events around the different Pure and Simple locations, it was a ton of fun and I met amazing people and other natural and/or organic type companies.

Just to name a few…

World : Hair salon and products. I don’t have a water softener at home and my hair always feels gunky after a shower. Their shampoo is the first one to make a difference! It’s awesome stuff!

Danish Cosmetics

Fit Glow Beauty : I LOVE their lipgloss! Beautiful colours, smells subtle and lovely and is all natural! Finally have a lip tint / gloss that I love using and feel very comfortable recommending to people. They have great foundation and other make up too…haven’t checked it all out yet.

Nuvsio:  a face bask and skin hydrator. Awesome stuff, the doctor who started this simple line is so lovely, really out to make a difference in the world 🙂 Amazing to work along side such inspirational people!