The word “ambrosia” is somewhat common and many people have heard of it. Ambrosis is referred to as ‘food of the God’s’ . “In Greek mythology, ambrosia was considered the food or drink of the Olympian gods, and it was thought to bring long life and immortality to anyone who consumed it.” (

Ambroais is also the latin name for a very common plant people talk about each year…Ragweed!

This beautiful plant does have a wide range of medicinal properties! It was used traditionally by First Nations as a topical treatment for skin problems such as mior erruptions, hives, infection, and even insect bites!  It has been used as a tea to help uterine prolapse, fever diarrhea, nosebleends, nausea, and mouth sores.

We haven’t made a topical cream with it yet..and will probably stear clear because it does actually cause about 90% of pollen-induced allergies in North America.

Who knew all this cool stuff about Ragweed! 🙂


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